•  Time & Pay Solution

    Real time attendance tracking and pay hours calculation!



Payroll software that is continuously calculating throughout the pay period

Our software tracks your employee clock in/out times and calculates their gross pay in real time! Manage your payroll daily, create schedules and track PTO with an easy to manage solution. Our software automatically computes time and pay* data continuously throughout the pay cycle instead of waiting until the pay period closes. This provides more time for reviews which helps to ensure a more complete and accurate payroll submission.


Employees Punch using Biometric, PIN, or Cards

This product uses Biometric (fingerprint or facial identification) technology and has built in algorithms with the automated procedures required to compute Regular, Overtime, Double, Triple and Extended Overtime.

Varied pay rates can be set for Holidays, Weekends and Off Days. Work hours and gross pay are then calculated daily, weekly, bi-weekly or on a monthly schedule.


Calculates Gross Pay and Integrates with Payroll

Our Time Management solution has payroll export formats that is used by many third party payroll software. Import directly into your payroll by using CSV, Text or Excel files, seamlessly with no hassle!

Eliminate the recursive data entries to just seconds. We combine payroll and time tracking data so you can access and work on payroll data any time during the pay period.


Manpower Planning With Our Expert Scheduler

Our scheduling model works in all industries where organizations needs to keep track of employee shifts and schedules. Manage your complex employee schedules with our simple interactive scheduling tool.

Easily view, edit, and approve timecards all from one screen and let your employees see changes to their schedule in real time with the scheduling feature.


Time & Pay Features

Lifetime Updates

We are constantly improving our software. Any updates or new features are always included. We even take suggestions for new enhancements from our clients!

Unlimited Support

Our knowledgeable support staff will respond quickly to any questions or issues you may have. Support is unlimited with your plan, so don’t hesitate to ask us for help!

Seamless Payroll Export

Importing and exporting data can be such a hassle, leave those cumbersome tasks in the past with an integrated payroll processing system.

Mobile Access

Employees can access their pay information from their mobile device at any time to preview their earnings after each pay.

Quick Data Entry

Empower administrators to make adjustments on the fly for things like bonuses, retroactive payments, and one-time deductions.

Simple Reporting

Get access to the necessary reports to reconcile payroll. A catalog of reports is available within the payroll screen at any time.